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Icon, October 11 2021

Why Cleaning Mold Yourself Has Dangers

There are DIY options for cleaning mold yourself, but by doing it yourself, are you actually doing more harm than good?

Here are the 3 risks for cleaning it yourself:

Spread mold spores further - By not properly cleaning it up, mold spores will be extracted from where they are at and spread further in the air. Making the situation worse, and the number of places to rid of mold, greater.Hidden mold can be missed - When a unlicensed and not professional mold remediator is looking for mold to clean, they may only clean the visual mold areas they see. By hiring a professional, you are able to make sure that the areas that need to be treated, areYour health can be at risk - When cleaning black mold, expensive equipment, tools, gear, etc. need to be used. When not using these items, mold spores can more easily duplicate and travel into your body.

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