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Paula Hensley, May 17 2021

The Colors of Mold

The color of mold can be a clue as to what it means for your health. It can range from the good-natured white, which indicates that you have nothing more than an innocent food product spoilage on your hands; or black, meaning that toxic spores are present and pose serious threats to human beings.

Molds exist in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some molds can be white or black-colored while some are grayish green. Molds that look whitish tend to grow on materials with high cellulose content like paper, leather and cotton cloths whereas those having dark color usually grows on moist surfaces such as floor tiles

There are many, many colors of mold. Some common ones include white (a type that is often found on bread or cheese), greenish yellow (often seen in bathrooms and kitchens) and blackish brown which can be identified by its musty odor.

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Paula Hensley

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