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Mold Proofing


Mold Proofing Your House

Icon, September 15 2021

Having toxic mold in your home is taxing on your health as well as others. In order to prevent mold from taking over your home there are a few steps you can take before the toxic mold is even present. Mold Prevention Tips: Use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity Raise the house temperature to prevent condensation Clean gutters Vacuum regularly Ventil...

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Mold and Covid

Paula Hensley, December 9 2020

Since the pandemic has forced so many businesses to close or temporary shut down, buildings and vacation homes have begun to see an uptick in the amount of mold.  When a property becomes abandoned, it is more likely for them to suffer from leaking roofs, pipe bursts and other water damage scenerios.  Many times without the property owner realizing...

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