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Paula Hensley, February 26 2021

Relation between Spring and Mold

Mold season is said to be at its worse in early spring.  If you know you have mold growth forming already from the winter, you'll want to make sure it gets remediated before spring, or else it can multiply faster.  

A few places to check to see if there is mold in your house before spring include:  crawlspaces, hvac, attics, bathrooms and anywhere there may have been water damage or leakage.  If you notice buildup of moisture or anything that looks like mold, contact our mold remediation experts immediately to treat and help prevent further growth.

In order for mold to grow, mold needs these four things:

1.Mold Spores

2. Excessive amount of moisture

3. Temperature

4. Host / food

Written by

Paula Hensley

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