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Paula Hensley, January 12 2021

Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Smoke from cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco related products are easy to detect within the home. It floats inside the home in the air and leaves an odor in furniture and clothing. This is the known leading cause of lung cancer in America.

The lesser known but equally dangerous is Radon. Fore it’s the number two cancer causing threat within the U.S.A. It’s an odorless gas directly linked to 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year. Less obvious and almost as deadly is radon, an odorless gas that causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year. While, ranking number one in non-smoking lung cancer. Radon is most potent during colder than normal winters, much like the winter of 2014 when Radon levels soared past normal. Even, in winter proofed and well-sealed homes.

The cause of this silent killer comes from the natural cessation of uranium found in soil and water. It leaks its way into homes through cracks in the foundation and other drains. Although, Radon is naturally existing in the air, when trapped indoors it’s levels can rise into the danger zone.

7% (1 in 15) of our own nation’s homes are effected by unsafe Radon levels. This is according reported by the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the EPA website shows all of the Radon danger zones in a map on their website. Assistant vice president at the American Lung Association, Janice Nolen, has said people can’t just assume they don’t have a problem with Radon.

She has been quoted as saying "We've had cases where the house next store was fine but the next one over had a problem with radon," Nolen also stated, "Across the country in every single state there have been cases of houses with high radon levels."

There has been a push of late for more awareness on Radon. The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment, an affiliate of various focused on bettering environmental health for children. This voluntary team is hoping to make home testing becomes common place. Much like how fire and carbon monoxide testing alarms already are.

Executive director, Erica Phillips, has said Radon testing doesn’t get as much public attention as it should.

"When you look at the lung cancer statistics and the role radon plays it's astounding," Phipps said.

Nolen, stated Radon testing is as simple shopping at Wal-Mart or any other grocery type store. Home tests can be purchased for as little as $10.00 to $20.00. The device is placed on low level shelf closest to the floor for 1 to 7 days before it needs to be shipped to have the levels evaluated.

Any and all directions you may need can be found on the EPA website. It’s state-by-state guide lists contractors from you within your area. The EPA also offers a handbook about reducing Radon reduction, with solutions sprawling from sub-level pipe extraction to insulating crawl spaces with dense plastic. As well as, the use of fans to pull Radon out through a vent.

"This is a problem anyone can have," Nolen said. "Radon levels can be fixed, it's just an issue of identifying the problem and getting it taken care of."

There is a list of the available means Radon can find its way to your building:

• Cracks in solid floors and walls

• Construction joints

• Gaps in suspended floors

• Gaps around service pipes

• Cavities inside walls

•The water supply

Radon Testing

If you suspect radon is present contact Icon at or at 513-396-MOLD

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Paula Hensley


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