Mold effects on the brain

Restoration, August 24 2018

Yes, mold can affect your brain! Depression, anxiety, anger, fear, and helplessness have all been well-documented symptoms of mold. Many times, anxiety and depression can be an early sign of exposure. Symptoms: Additional effects on the brain: It can be difficult knowing you have mold in your home and feeling like you have to get rid of items or mo...

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Icon Water Booths

Restoration, August 24 2018

Be on the lookout for our new booths at Riverbend! We decided to have a water station (for obvious reasons) so people can cool down when it's hot outside.

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In the news

Restoration, March 13 2018

Icon and 859 Board Up team up on a fire damaged property in Greater Cincinnati. https://youtu.be/5e-pn_cAoTY

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Icon Appreciation Party

Restoration, February 16 2018

Thank you to everyone who has helped us help others over the past year! Comedian, Steve Caminiti brought in the laughs and kept the audience laughing all night. Check out our pictures below and catch us again at next year's event!

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What does mold smell like?

Restoration, February 1 2018

Mold produces microbial volatile organic compounds which can either be odorless or have a musty smell. The process of detecting the smell of mold: Check for reactions when entering the room. The nose can detect the smell first out of any of your other senses. If you are in a room with mold, it may be sneezing or nose irritation Check for the sme...

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Mold or Mildew?

Restoration, November 21 2017

When should you worry vs.when you should get cleaned. Did you know that mildew can actually be defined as a specific type of mold? Both mold and mildew are fungusthat containsmultiplenuclei. It can form in patches (green or black) beneath the material's surface. Mildew Mildew; however, is not invasive and...

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Floods and Mold

Restoration, November 10 2017

When a city is flooded, it can introduce a new ecosystem consisting of fungal growth. 5o inches of rain not only does damage to the buildings it submerges but it also causes a lot of moisture buildup problems. Wetlands, which once were used to help drain excess water, have been turned into urban neighborhoods, offering little outlet for flooding.

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Can Moisture cause building defects?

Restoration, August 8 2017

Moisture can go through your house in many ways including plumbing/roofing leaks, building material diffusion, flooding, air filtration, high levels in humidity and more. Due to the many ways moisture can be infiltrated into your property, it is recommended to hire a trained and experienced Moisture Inspectors. Once moisture is...

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Variations of Mold

Restoration, September 2 2016

It iѕ vеrу important for mоld rеmоvаl еxреrtѕ to knоw thе tуре оr vаriеtу оf mоld thеу are gоing tо rеmоvе in уоur house. A thоrоugh inspection of уоur рrореrtу will need to be don. This рrосеѕѕ аllоwѕ them tо dеtеrminе thе most еffесtivе way to hаndlе thеѕе fungi аnd рrеvеnt thеm coming bасk. Alѕо, this саn assist thеm in giving уоu аnd уоur fаmil...

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Mold Testing Importance

Restoration, July 15 2016

Mold Testing is important for many of reasons. Mold can be dangerous and therefore it is important to have it testing properly to determine the extent of mold damage and type. When our team of remediationprofessionals goes to your home or business to test for mold, they do a thorough...

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