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Paula Hensley, January 30 2020

Mold Symptoms

Molds are the most dangerous developments that put your life in danger. You will not be able to even know how they will gradually cause serious health hazards for you. Molds can grow at any part of your property.  They can grow on paper, wires, electric fittings, carpet, floorboards, food, wooden works, wall and so on.

Molds can develop in your house, office, schools of your children and anywhere where moisture and oxygen are present to boost up their growth. Mold spores are always present in the air and only a little extra moisture makes them gather and grow in a surface area.  Except below freezing point or 0 degree Fahrenheit when they are dormant but alive,  molds grow till 120 degree Fahrenheit.  Proper detection and remediation is a must for evading the danger of fast spreading molds.

Mold can cause the following dangers to your health:-

Respiratory problems-As mold spores are always in the indoor air of your house, they can cause serious breathing problems when you take them in your body.

Neurological hazards-Continuous exposure to mold and mold spores can even lead to problems related to nervous system. You can find daily activities becoming difficult for you to carry on normally in such cases. This may lead to as well.

Eye problems-Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. When they are constantly exposed to mold spores or visual mold, they can get affected too. Hazy and watery vision show you the first symptoms

Allergetic reactions-This is a very common health danger caused from mold. Itching of eyes or any part of your body, skin rashes, nasal blockage, frequent sneezing are some symptoms of mold allergy.

Death-You will be shocked to know that prolonged contact with mold may even cause health deterioration to the extent that it causes death.

Thus if you want to save yourself and near and dear ones from the dangers of mold,  go for mold inspection and testing as soon as you sense any symptom of mold presence. Experts will test all the places including hidden ones within your property and find out the existence of visible molds or mold spores. Treating molds immediately with antibacterial and fungicide solutions will help you to get rid of mold dangers. Never try to treat molds by yourself. Remember taking proper protection during mold remediation is a must that only experts can do. Without that you are prone to fall prey to the greatest mold dangers of your life. Without delay, contact the mold experts.

Written by

Paula Hensley

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