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Paula Hensley, September 18 2019

Mold removal by fire - Late 1900's

Mold removal by fire - Late 1900's

Mold History

Back in the late 1900'sand early 2000's, one way used to get rid of a bad mold infestation was by fire. Burning down the house is what a couple in California had to do in 2003. Ballard and Alison had finished getting the house's leaks repaired. Little did they know, the leaks left open water underneath the floor and in the wall for months which then developed into mold. As their air conditioner continued to run, it began spreading the mold though-out the house. At first, the couple did not realize any harm was being done until their air conditioner started spreading the mold throughout the house.

records, the sick building syndrome was where a building began to cause damage to anyone staying in it.

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Paula Hensley


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