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Paula Hensley, December 9 2020

Mold and Covid

Since the pandemic has forced so many businesses to close or temporary shut down, buildings and vacation homes have begun to see an uptick in the amount of mold.  When a property becomes abandoned, it is more likely for them to suffer from leaking roofs, pipe bursts and other water damage scenerios.  Many times without the property owner realizing it had water damage, will begin to accumulate mold.  Mold can begin to grow after 24 hours and will continue to get worse with time.

Some new techniques in construction can also be the reason mold is thriving now.  Many buildings aren't ventilated like they used to be and are sealed more tightly to prevent rising energy bills. Another way the mold is thriving is when maintenance crews will clean the carpets and turn off air conditioning for several months while schools are on hiatus.  This may save on some energy costs but it does provide the perfect environment for mold to accumulate.

Written by

Paula Hensley


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