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Paula Hensley, October 12 2021

Common Mold Types

Many types of mold exist but most types aren't dangerous. How do you know if the type you have is dangerous? Call Icon! It is important to know the type of mold and how much mold is present. If you have one of the harmful molds (black mold) it can damage your health without you realizing why.

Black Mold (Stachybotrys)

Black mold is hard to detect but one of the most dangerous


Similar to black mold


Can be seen as grey or green.


Can cause allergies, difficult for those with a weak immune system


Asthma and hay fever common with this.


White, powdery. Spreads fast. Can create tuberculosis and pulmonary infections


White with green patches. Allergic type that spreads in moisture.

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Paula Hensley

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