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Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Mold effects on the brain

Paula Hensley, August 24 2018

Yes, mold can affect your brain! Depression, anxiety, anger, fear, and helplessness have all been well-documented symptoms of mold. Many times, anxiety and depression can be an early sign of exposure. Symptoms: Additional effects on the brain: It can be difficult knowing you have mold in your home and feeling like you have to get rid of items or mo...

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Fire damage cleanup

In the news

Paula Hensley, March 13 2018

Icon and 859 Board Up team up on a fire damaged property in Greater Cincinnati.

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What does mold smell like?

Paula Hensley, February 1 2018

Mold produces microbial volatile organic compounds which can either be odorless or have a musty smell. The process of detecting the smell of mold: Check for reactions when entering the room. The nose can detect the smell first out of any of your other senses. If you are in a room with mold, it may be sneezing or nose irritation Check for the sme...

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Mold Testing

Mold or Mildew?

Paula Hensley, November 21 2017

When should you worry vs.when you should get cleaned. Did you know that mildew can actually be defined as a specific type of mold? Both mold and mildew are fungusthat containsmultiplenuclei. It can form in patches (green or black) beneath the material's surface. Mildew Mildew; however, is not invasive and...

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