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Paula Hensley, May 1 2021

5 Steps to regaining health after mold exposure

Step 1:  Have a professional inspection done.  You will want to find a company certified in mold detection and testing.  

Step 2: Remove yourself and you items from the environment.  After hiring a professional to get rid of the mold, they will remove the items for you and either discard or save if saveable.

Step 3:  Seek help if needed. Get tested, clean air with high quality air purifiers, clean water

Step 4: Switch to A low sugar, processed foods and inflammatory diet.  You'll also want to skip foods that can possibly contain mold (bread, peanuts, alcohol, barley, corn, etc.)

Step 5:  Seek help from supporters, therapies.  Infrared sauna can be great in recovery after mold and exercises like yoga can help alleviate the system from stress.

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Paula Hensley

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